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two cards made to look like they are wearing formal clothes and the words anne on them
Kort og bordkort til konfirmant
altered photograph of a person standing in front of a star with words and stars on it
Konfirmation 2016
a card with some clothes and accessories on it
Konfirmasjonskort til gutt - fotball, data og musikk
a card with an image of a pair of sneakers and a shirt on it, which says kornimation
Konfirmationskort til penge eller gavekort
HAPPYMADE: Konfirmationskort til penge eller gavekort
Mint Converse All Star Sneakers ~ And these ♥ Converse, Pumps, Trainers, Shoes, Converse Shoes, Vans, Slippers, Green Converse, Converse All Star Sneakers
Mint Chuck Taylor All Star canvas sneakers | Converse
Mint Converse All Star Sneakers ~ And these ♥
a woman in pink tennis shoes tying her shoelaces
Rustic Wedding At The Smithville Inn - Rustic Wedding Chic
definitely want converse for the reception. Comfy, cute, and can wear them for more than just ONE day of my life.
a close up of a greeting card with a woman's face on the front
a close up of a card with an image of a purse and stars on it
Feminine konfirmationskort 2019
Anne-Mette´s scrapblog: Feminine konfirmationskort 2019
a cartoon boy holding a remote control
Общий сборник
a drawing of a boy sitting on the ground with his headphones in his hands
My copic colorings
a drawing of a man with a guitar in his hand and holding it up to the side
imagem 7!
a card with an image of a man in a white jacket and blue shirt on it
a woman's feet in pink tennis shoes with the words wake up with a smile and go after life
pink shoes! NEED these! :)
a card with an image of a pair of shoes and a cell phone on it
a card with an image of a man in a tuxedo holding a cell phone
Bodil Hansen: Endnu
a close up of a card made with paper and some decorations on it's side
Konfirmantkort til gutt (Kort & Godt Galleri)
card for men boys communion - kort konfirmation dreng - Konfirmantkort til gutt
Til konfirmant -stjerner - CASAkreativ Galleri Diy, Mini Albums, Knutselen, Weihnachten, Boy Cards
Til konfirmant -stjerner - CASAkreativ Galleri
an altered photograph of a baseball player on a piece of paper with words and pictures attached to it
Vintage Konfirmant
min lille scrappe-verden: Vintage Konfirmant
a card with an image of a man in a suit and tie on it, surrounded by buttons
Til konfirmanten:)
En ny dies i posten igår og selvfølgelig måtte den prøves:) Ark Authentique. Bilde nettet. Hyssing Søstrene Grene. Murstein die...
a close up of a card with an image of a man
Konfirmasjonskort / confirmation card
Kristinas kortblogg: Konfirmasjonskort / confirmation card
a handmade card with an image of a man holding a star and the words stop
a blue jean pocket with money sticking out of it and the word celebration written on it
a card with an altered pair of shoes on it's side and the words, thomas
Card made by me :) @mftstamps converse die
a painting of a person's feet with red converse shoes on top of them
Loui Jover - Red
a card with an image of a man in a white suit and tie on it
Min shop
model 41 2017
a card with some clothes and sunglasses on it
Kleren maken de man
Wat een schitterende serie is het nieuwste designpapier "Denim & Friends" van Maja Design!!! Het is uitermate geschikt voor mannenkaarte...
the silhouette of a man standing next to a wall with music notes and a clock
Mariannes papirverden.
Mariannes papirverden.: guttekort
there are many different types of dresses on display
Årets bunadsproduksjon (så langt)
Bunadskort, bunad, Nordlandsbunad, Trønderbunad, Åmlibunad, Bergensbunad, Hardangerbunad, Karmøybunad, konfirmasjonskort, bordkort, kaboks
two paper dolls are dressed in blue and yellow plaid dresses, one is wearing a brooch
Bunadskort - tips og råd
Bunadskort tutorial
the words kristians kortblog bunadskrt - tips og rad
Bunadskort - tips og råd
Kristinas kortblogg: Bunadskort - tips og råd
a card with an image of a man's shoes
a handmade card with a shoe on it
a white card with pink roses on it and a ribbon tied around the neckline
a piece of puzzle with a guitar on it and the words rock'n'roll
two cards are sitting on top of each other, one has an image of a man
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