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a person is holding a jar with flowers painted on it and there are green leaves in the background
Idéia para reutilizar materiais que iriam pro lixo !
three clear vases filled with white and yellow flowers on top of a wooden table
the table is set with white linens and flowers in vases, plates and silverware
the table is set with two vases filled with baby's breath flowers and greenery
three mason jar vases with lights and greenery in them are sitting on a table
a pink plate with pearls on it sitting on top of a table next to a book
23 Cute Danish Pastel Room Ideas You're Going To Want To Copy Immediately
an attic bedroom with white linens and wood accents
Mimari Dekorasyon Fikirleri on X
hanging glass vases filled with flowers and baby's breath
Affordable Rustic Wedding Decorations on a Budget