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Grandma Elizabeth's Cobbler
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Kentucky Butter Cake
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easy 1 dish dessert | easy 1 dish dessert this dessert is so yummy! an easy 1 dish dessert made with blueberry biscuits, blueberry pie filling, and lemon cake mix. | By Kristin's Friends | Alright, y'all. We're going to open up these sweet blueberry biscuits. I'm going to show y'all one of my favorite dessert hacks. These are so good. So, we're going to use two cans of these, alright? So, we're going to just spread these out in our pan like so, rows of three like this. Alright, we need two cans for this recipe. So good. If y'all haven't tried these blueberry biscuits, I highly recommend them because they are great. They're just great. They're great for so many different things besides just eating them by themselves, alright? We got a little bit of icing on this one but that's okay. Icing ain't hurt nobody. It's delicious. Alright. Here we are. So, we're going to use all these Just like so. You know, we got one more. So, I'm just going to break it up and fill in some of these holes y'all. We don't want to waste any of these delicious biscuits. I love biscuits. Yummy. Mmm mmm mmm. Okay, y'all. Here we go. So, our next step here, we going to take one container of vanilla frosting. I like the Betty Crocker cone but y'all can use whatever you'd like. So, I'm just going to pour it right on top of these biscuits. Alright. Just like so. Oh my goodness y'all. This is going to be so good. So we're going to use the whole jar. So if I need all coming out, we're going to get our spatula and get it all out, alright? Now, I heated this up in the microwave for about 20 seconds. It helps it pour. I find that a little bit easier but you don't have to do that. It's just a little tip, alright? I'm just going to spread this out to a nice layer Look at that y'all. That looks so good already. Don't you think? Even just those biscuits and the icing. Mm mm. Alright. Now, we're going to take a can of blueberry pie filling and we're going to put this right on top Oh my goodness y'all. You are going to love this dessert. Just wait. Just wait. I think this is one of my favorites. I don't know. I really do though. Get everything out. Alright. All that goop all that goodness alright y'all so for this as well we just going to spread it out as best we can it don't really matter it's all going to the same place but we just want a nice layer so we have our vanilla frosting we got our blueberry okay y'all oh this is so good alright y'all we almost there so we going to take a box of our super moist lemon cake mix alright y'all know that lemon and blueberry go great together so we actually going to I'm going to take this out of the box and we going to put this oops right on top and y'all we going to use the whole package alright right on top and you can actually if you're doing this y'all you can smell this lemon now you can use regular cake mix but I'm telling y'all with this dessert lemon is the best it just taste so good alright I'm just going to dump this all over So now we're just going to spread this smooth. I know y'all probably think I'm crazy for using my hand but this this utensil right here works the best out of anything in the kitchen. So that's what I like to use. Nice and smooth. Alright. We got one more step y'all. Y'all see me do this before but I love using box cake is like a crumble topping. So all you gotta do is spread out your box cake. You don't mix this, okay? You don't mix this y'all. I'm telling you and then we're going to put butter all on the top just in these nice little squares to cover the top of the cake and this lemon cake mix, alright? So, you'll need between one to one and a half sticks of butter. I'm just going to do it all the way on top. Now, y'all, if you haven't tried this, I'm telling you, box cake on top makes a delicious crumble topping, okay? So, I do this on pies sometimes. I do this on all kinds of desserts. I always have some box cake mixed in my cabinet in case I ever need to whip up anything because I'm telling y'all, it's the easiest and fastest way to make some delicious desserts. Alright, I'm just going to keep putting this butter on here. I know y'all think it's a lot of butter but you know what? Butter makes everything better. That's what my granny always told me and I I believe her. She's right. She's definitely right about that. I'm just going to make sure we have all of our butter, our delicious butter. My granny used to make her own butter. I don't do that but I wish I could. Alright, y'all. We have one more piece and then we good. Alright, so this is going in the oven at 375 for about 35 minutes and I can't wait to show y'all one of my favorite desserts. Alright, y'all. Here we have our blueberry biscuit, lemon cake, delicious, delicious dessert. Look how beautifully this rise y'all. Alright, so I think we gotta try it. Remember, we use lemon box cake mix on the top. We used a whole box, okay? And these blueberry biscuits still roast to the top. So, you know what? I like the ones on the edge that are a little bit crispy but there's some in this in too. They're a little less done, alright? Oh my goodness, y'all. Look at that. Look at those blueberries. I could smell that lemon cake. That smells so good y'all. I'm really excited to eat this. So, we have our blueberry biscuit. We had our lemon cake and our our blueberry pie filling and it isn't it cool y'all how that the the cake mix just kind of cooks up even though we just put it on dry. It's a perfect compliment to this dessert or a lot of desserts y'all. So, you know what? I'm going to cut a pea Oh my goodness it's hot but I feel like this is going to be real good. I see those lemon pieces. You could use some fresh lemon zest on top if you want as like but I forgot to buy lemon. So, I'm just going to take a bite.
the recipe for cinnamon rolls is shown in this page, and it contains information about how to make them
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