Noni Glow  #noniglow #koraorganics #skincare #katrinem

Noni Glow #noniglow #koraorganics #skincare #katrinem

Beauty Hack On a Budget / Coconut Oil

This delicious fruit has a lot to give. From its recovery water, refined flour as well as exceptional sugar alternative, coconut is a superfood suitable for a

Extreme Moisturising Hair Treatment

This is a perfect treatment if you want your hair to feel softer and look shinier. This extreme conditioning treatment…

Derma Rolling Changed My Skin In One Week #dermarolling #microneedling #skincare

Exactly one week ago I tried derma rolling for the first time. It´s kind of funny because I´ve had it in my beauty closet for years, but never really tried it until a week ago.

Kora Organics Skin Care + Skin Supplement Review #koraorganics #review #skincare #noniglow

I finally got my hands on some of the newest products from Kora Organics.

Summer Skin Care Routine

I thought it was about that time I updated my skin care routine, since it´s summer and I have changed up a few things since winter. By switching up your skincare routine, you can make…

What´s in my makeup bag?

We are roadtrippin this weekend, so what better time to show you what I have in my makeup bag? I am definitely not a makeup junkie as much I am a skin care junkie.