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Moustache Waxes by Fit for Vikings

Our all natural Fit for Vikings Moustache Waxes
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Eyjafjallajökull - Moustache Wax

This moustache wax is named after the infamous glacier Eyjafjallajökull, that everyone loves to pronounce. The wax is simply Christmas in a tin.


Jökulsárlón - Moustache Wax

This moustache wax gets its name from one of the coolest places in Iceland, Jökulsárlón which literally means “glacial river lagoon”.


Hvannadalshnjúkur - Moustache Wax

The highest point of Iceland is Hvannadalshnjúkur, a peak on the glacier Öræfajökull. From the top you got a view wide and far with nature at its best.


Herðubreið - Moustache Wax

This moustache wax is as energetic and refreshing like the winds that blow all around Herðubreið, the mountain the wax is named after.


Hallormsstaðaskógur - Moustache Wax

If you get lost in an Icelandic forest just stand up. It is after the largest Icelandic forest; Hallormsstaðaskógur that this moustache wax is named


Hálendið - Moustache Wax

Hálendið or the Highlands, refers to an area covering most of the interior of Iceland, in fact 76% of the country. Amazing place.


Bárðarbunga - Moustache Wax

Our Bárðarbunga moustache wax packs a punch that is fitting a moustache wax named after this volcano that erupted last in 2014.