Vivian Fisknes

Vivian Fisknes

Vivian Fisknes
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All the time.....

I hate those moments when you can't talk because you're about to cry

Night shift

I've got 99 problems and they all have to be solved by 0700 unless I want to listen to day shift whine about them. And vice versa for night shift!

Funny Certified Nurse Humor

Funny Certified Nurse Humor

Sometimes Photojenik: 5 Stages of a Night Shift

Must remember this when I'm considering night shift! Sometimes Photojenik: 5 Stages of a Night Shift

Yep, im a nighter!!!!

Sleep all night, bc you work all day, no one cares // sleep all day bc you work all night, everyone loses their mind // joker // night nurse

Hahaha! True story..                                                                                                                                                     More

Then most the time people knowing I work nights still go "God why are you still asleep because human. I am a creature of the damn night