Frida Ingelsrudøya

Frida Ingelsrudøya

Frida Ingelsrudøya
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Animal wine stoppers - slice the plastic animals in half with a a good exacto knife and glue onto plain wine stopper

Animal Wine Stoppers - Designed by Dutch artist Charlotte van der Horst to fit snuggly into wine bottle necks to keep wine fresh. Available exclusively on the Designboom shop.

Sweet Paul's Simple Animal Topped Jars .. Make a barnyard-full for yourself! #sweetpaul #kids #crafts

All you need is some jars with lids, small plastic animals, superglue and spray paint. Glue the animals to the lid with superglue and spray the whole lid with paint. Let it dry and you have the cutest jars ever.

#DIY Glitter plastic animal

Glitter plastic animal Who says action figures have to be for boys only, this is so cute. (Somehow my brain categorized this little plastic animal as an action figure)