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Sore throat remedy - but make sure it doesn't go on an empty stomach otherwise you'll have a stomachache on top of a sore throat.

Home Remedy to Get Rid of a Sore Throat Fast and Naturally

I tried saltwater it tasted awful and afterwards I didn't feel that good, but my throat feels ten times better and now i feel better.

Open this up (so it's larger), and stare at the three nose-dots for 30 seconds. Then look at a white wall and blink a lot. She turns into color! Congratulations, you have just developed a negative with your brain.

Thats really cool ! Stare at the red dot on the girl’s nose for 30 seconds. Turn your eyes to a plain surface (your ceiling or blank wall). Blink repeatedly and quickly This is awesome! i saw the picture of the girl in color!

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