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an anime character making a heart shape with his hands
Beyond The Walls (Levi x Reader)(Complete) - Chapter 12
I love Anime you do too right?
an image of two cartoon characters with the caption'to the windoow to the other window '
Soul Eater, Death the Kid... Why'd I find this so funny?
two anime comics with one saying i think i did okay and the other saying exprosion
Ed in a nutshell by NoVaNoah on DeviantArt
Ed in a nutsell by NoVaNoah on DeviantArt
several anime characters with different colored background
What Anime Show Should You Be In?
These guys
the colorful space is filled with stars and bright colors
astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, nebulas
anime memes with captions that are in english and japanese language, including the words goodbye real life hello anime good bye boredom
My life exactly!!! ;) #anime #manga #games #fangirl #otaku
a woman with black hair and tattoos covering her face while holding her hands to her face
Black Butler (kuroshitsuji) - Sebastian
some anime characters with the words we can't keep calm because we're otak
naruto, fairy tail, fullmetal alchemist, soul eater, and one piece!
two anime characters with their hands on their ears
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Epilepsy Warning for anyone who clicks this, if you have epilepsy and you clicked this, I did warn you
two women in different outfits standing next to each other
January Commissions 12 by rika-dono on DeviantArt
January Commissions 12 by on @deviantART
a drawing of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind and beads on her necklace
I found this and it is awesome
an anime character with long hair and black clothes holding his arms crossed, looking at the camera
#anime #illustration
the words repin if you love anine on a pink and gray background
a woman sitting on top of a white fox next to an orange and red bird
Princess monoke fan art
a man sitting in a chair reading a newspaper with the caption let me know when they've finished transforming
An Introduction to Anime & Manga
"Let Me Know When They've Finished Transforming" Sailor Moon Meme
two anime characters with the caption saying, black as the devil hot as hell pure as an angel sweet as love
Sebastian Michaelis is my sexy, beautiful husband and i love him
a quote that says i have insecities, of course, but i don't hang out with anyone who points them out to me
Curvy is the new black.
"I have insecurities, of course, but I don't hang out with anyone who points them out to me" - Adele. Smart woman. Love it! #adele #quotes
some anime characters with different expressions and sayings on their faces, including the words calm down guys
anime guys
an instagramt with the caption best friend
#bestfriends @Anna Totten Totten Garcia @Faith Martin Martin Garner @Raina Lafond Lafond @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Gerdes @Megan Ward Ward Hampton @Marley Medema Medema penagos♡ @Hunter Sandoval @Milo Liu Liu @Isaac Santos Santos Eckel
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of the same object, each with their own color scheme
Oficial Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Character designs!
an anime character with black hair and text that reads, get's put in jail leaves because of boredom
Black butler Ciel
an anime character with black hair and red eyes
Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian Michaelis @Queenie Chan Chan Chan Chan Wind @Theresa Burger Burger Burse online Katsutoshi
two white and black tigers standing next to each other
Soul of the Rose
Those Eyes ~ Beautiful White & Black Tiger
the comic strip shows an image of two men and one woman with different facial expressions
Andrew Dobson's Poster Equality Comics
Andrew Dobson's Poster Equality Comics
four different types of anime characters with captions in each one's name, and the
i would give ANYTHING to live in an anime!!!!!!!! man my life is so boring, i would do ANYTHING!
many different types of anime characters are shown in this image, with the names below them
Hetalia ~~ The United States ala Hetalia~ omg Oregon XD
some people with different expressions in spanish
I know it is a bit mean but it is funny how the otaku shows its wrath to a non otaku!
I can't breathe XD Attack On Titan Funny, Armin, Nerd
I can't breathe XD
the cover of what's your problem?, with an image of people sitting at tables
iFunny - the best memes, video, gifs and funny pics in one place
Okay, so if I want to be the main character in an anime, I have to dye my hair and abnormal color, "rebel" , dress differently, & sit in the second to last seat near the window....GOT IT!
an anime character with black hair and horns on his head, wearing a chain around his neck
Lovin Anime Tube
The Devil is a Part-timer
there are pictures of people in the room with words on them and an image of a man
My parents should be proud of me
So true!!!
a woman sitting on the ground next to another person with an anime character in the background
featherblues User Profile | DeviantArt
oh so true! InuYasha Sit Boy by ~bloodbendingmaster97
an anime meme with the caption that reads, when suddenly he appears
Hataraku Maou-Sama
I DID THIS TOO! The devil is a part timer
Pretty anime girl Anime Fantasy, Anime Artwork
Pretty anime girl
a creepy looking stuffed animal head on top of a white mannequin
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Deady Bear Mask by FaceFactoryFx on Etsy, $115.00