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Felicia Gjesdahl

Felicia Gjesdahl
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Outline Your Textbook Chapters

Love how easily this post explains chapter outlining! organizedcharm: “If you’ve ever tried to read a textbook chapter word-for-word, beginning-to-end, you know it’s nearly impossible to stay focused.

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26 Time-Management Tricks I Wish I’d Known at 20

26 Time-Management Tricks I Wish I’d Known at 20 ~ Levo LeagueLevo LeagueMagnifying GlassLevo LeagueMagnifying GlassSocialSocialX ThinXSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialEnvelopeSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocial

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Color coding notes and other study tricks

kimberlystudies: ““I recently got a message asking how to color code notes, and because it was such a hit I decided to expand on the topic! ” Color coding your notes is proven to enhance your learning and make you a more efficient thinker.

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