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Waka (canoe), New Zealand

Waka brought divine gifts to the Maori First Nation. For this reason the waka inspire kotahitanga (unity) even today. My mind wonders that if Hawaii, Rapanui and Aotearoa were all reached by Waka what would have prevented them from reaching the Americas?

Emma Gorge, North Western Australia

Emma Gorge, North Western Australia by Christian Fletcher. "Hidden within the fiery red of El Questro's Cockburn Range, lies the spectacular Emma Gorge. Emma Gorge is a tranquil oasis. There is a creek between pools fed by the seeps in the cliffs.

Hella | 22 Reasons Nor Cal Is The BestCal…This is so true. Everyone says it!

I didn't realize this was such a big deal outside of NorCal. You say it, and apparently people lose their minds. It's hella funny. :) Arizona hella says it too.