Matias Sølvberg

Matias Sølvberg

Matias Sølvberg
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These are made by pouring cement over balloons

art studio: More Hand Blown concrete bowls! No instructions but I'm thinking smearing concrete on a balloon might do it

Vase [make with concrete cloth draped over small vase on pole]

Can I do a smaller version with polymer clay?

DIY Concrete Planter From An Old Towel Or A Fleece Blanket

Cement towel pots - drape over pots to dry This is the only info but I'm sure that a little searching would solve that.

Дуб Книжная полка

Unique Bookshelf Idea for Home

Love the thickness of the wood and the natural edge - option if we don't put in trim and just do the drywall edges around windows

I made wood window sills for my home shortly after I moved in. They still look absolutely great and require only a little swipe with Pledge.

This in-depth shoulder workout shows you how to do these exercises and what they work!

Bodybuilding workouts per bodypart - Wall Charts / Posters.

Giraffe CD Rack by HIRASHIMA

Own a cd rack.

Fiji by Amitrani

closeup of phenomenal storage unit Fiji by Amitrani

Shou Sugi Ban Cabinet with charred sycamore exterior and olive ash interior. Designed and made by Grant Palmer at

Shou Sugi Ban Cabinet with charred sycamore exterior and olive ash interior…


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