Xbox One Concept Design - Controller

Next Xbox 720 Controller Design by Darpan Bajaj.

Xbox Portable

The project, codenamed "xYz," is said to feature a WVGA touchscreen and a way to play music and movies on both the device as well as the Xbox Basically, it's going to be a connected handheld gaming system with rich multimedia features.

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PlayStation Versa Concept Console is Basically a PS4 Handheld | Concept Phones

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Top 21 Craziest and Coolest Playstation 3 Designs and Concepts for the Playstation 3 Console and Controller including other themes.

Nintendo NX Console Controller Concept - On by PaulBatt

A concept of the Nintendo NX Console Controller. The Nintendo & NX names are property of Nintendo Co. Nintendo NX Console Controller Concept - On

PS5 Console Concept Design David Hansson

Playstation 5 Console and Controller by David Hansson

PS5 Portable Open

PS5 Portable Open