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Rosenberg was acquired by the WorleyParsons Group, making it part of the world's largest engineering company. For Rosenberg, it was important to tell the outside world that Rosenberg now has a global presence, that WorleyParsons is originally an Australian company and last, but not least, that: Rosenberg is ready to take on new, bigger assignments in the years ahead. Hello world and welcome to Stavanger, say the experienced engineers at Rosenberg.

Over the next 10-15 years, Stavanger Airport Sola is set to invest almost NOK 2 billion in extending, altering and building a new and better airport.In partnership with Avinor/Stavanger Airport, Sola, we developed a communication concept for this construction project – and gave it a name: ‘Solaløftet’* This means first and foremost that the region's airport is set to have a major facelift.

At one of the city's biggest taxi ranks, we have designed what will become part of Stavanger Taxi's new profile in the anniversary year of 2015.

Total is well under way with recruitment for the Martin Linge field and the company now has more vacancies which they are looking to fill with capable people.

Over a few grey and depressing days in February, it was the spring and romance that captivated the Stavanger region. Now that Air France is starting up daily direct departures to Paris, well, it's almost as if Paris is here. Paris, je t'aime!

A. Idsøe's pinnekjøtt is a Christmas tradition for many people. So many people in fact that even the queuing system in the shop has become a tradition in itself. This year, A. Idsøe and Fasett created an extra reminder for those who wanted to buy their pinnekjøtt early this year – and for those who just wanted to start looking forward to it.

Maersk Drilling is growing in Norway, with a lot of North Sea activity planned over the next few years. Because of this, the company is now recruiting more personnel to deliver their service: drilling holes in the ground.

Together. During ONS 2014. Wintershall is one of the fastest growing operator companies in Norway. The company has proven they can make things happen, with an ever-growing number of new business partners too. With a high profile campaign, the company communicated this message to the 90,000 visitors at ONS 2014, not to mention the rest of Stavanger.

Byfjordparken is a new business and residential development project which is set to be established just outside Stavanger city centre. The project will be realized on the shores of Byfjorden, a unique and exceptionally attractive location for both homes/apartments and office premises, which the development is to include. We have developed a communication concept which will primarily place emphasis on the location’s advantages with regard to transport/communication.

A simple poster which became an awareness campaign aimed at ‘after-party rape’. The City of Stavanger is actively working to combat after-party rape in environments and situations where such dreadful incidents generally occur. We invited young people to a workshop at which they could contribute sentences, input, thoughts and expressions which they actually use. All the participants wrote down their views and attached them to large photos which became four boards. Honest and unedited.