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Jesus challenge monthly
Jesus challenge for 2024 for the month of January
pink flowers with bible verse about the lord helps the fallen and lifts those benefit beneath their loads
Psalms 145:14, Surrender your worries - He will guide you.
a pink background with the words waiting on god to answer us is hard, but have to be so careful we don't begin to manipulate
Waiting on God can almost feel painful at times. You love Him & want His best but this feels far too long and you just want to see something, anything change! But it’s in these seasons we have to be careful we don’t move from trust into manipulating to get the outcomes we want. When we do this we make the choice that God’s timing is taking too long, ours is better, and so we will help Him. One example of this was Sarai in Genesis 16. God promised Abram a descendant but it was taking For-ev-...
a pink background with the words short - out to the girl who understands spirital growth will never feel easy growth is painful
You have been faithful and full of faith but maybe this season has really ravaged your soul. I want to remind you today that this is not the end. 👉🏼You’re still believing, 👉🏼you’re still learning & growing, 👉🏼you’re still getting back up and fighting even when you don’t know if you can or even if you want to. We hold on and we wait to see the goodness God has stored up for those who love Him. We don’t want cheap, second hand faith that sounds nice but isn’t life altering, soul gripping ...
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Mary | Biblical Femininity 🦢🕯️🪞 | When you feed the flesh, the spirit weaken. When you feed the spirit, the flesh weaken. what are you feeding these days? … 📨 SAVE for… | Instagram
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pink flowers with the quote to every thing there is a season and a time to enjoy purpose under the heaven
Pretty floral daisy Bible verse 1 Peter 5 7-9 Floral, Bible Scriptures, Bible Verses, Faith In God, Ephesians 1, God Loves Me, Gods Guidance, Bible Devotions
Pretty floral Bible Verse
Pretty floral daisy Bible verse 1 Peter 5 7-9
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