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raw cacao walnut cookies 2 C Almond Flour, C Ground Flax, C Cacao Powder, C Olive Oil; C Water C Agave; 1 T Vanilla 1 C Chopped Walnuts. I will try coconut oil over olive and see how it goes

Back On Pointe

Feel the glut burn with this workout. It will surely help raise your glut and round it out. What female don't want a nice glut 🙈 Granted I never had one Blah

Back On Pointe

I'm by no means a runner - I have avoided it like the plague in most cases. But occasionally I feel like running just because I can. There will come a day when this body just can't do the things it used to. Live life while you are able to.


Fully trusting God will enable you to take that leap of faith. God knows our heart and the true desires of it. What a testimony it has been since I stepped out taking a huge leap of faith - trusting that God would in fact lead the way.