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hanging flower pots on the side of a building with flowers in them and other plants
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A DIY vertical garden made from recycled plastic bottles! Learn how it’s made by viewing the full album of the project at Could this be your next gardening project?
an image of green bottles with plants growing out of them and in the bottom right hand corner
plastic bottle recucycling 7 374x1024 Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas
two hanging planters filled with green plants
there are many potted plants hanging on the wall
Hortinha de Temperos Auto Irrigavel
-Hortinha de Temperos e aromáticas -Madeira de Pinus com pintura em esmalte branco -10 Garrafas Pet's com pintura em esmalte branco -10 Vasos pretos nº 11 -Produto funcional e inteligente -Sistema de irrigação por capilaridade Obs: Nesse sistema você coloca água uma só vez por semana no v...
the instructions for how to make a hanging bottle planter
Plastic Bottle 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) - this is a very easy to do but neat and effective way to find new life for those plastic bottles otherwise we will throw away or recycle. And it also helps to add nice touches to our daily life.
three plants in vases sitting on a shelf
Prastic bottle DIY
there are many pictures of different vases with flowers in them and one has a watering can
DIY Flower Pot Made From Plastic Bottles -GoodsHomeDesign %u2013 Cute kid crafts (once an adult cuts/preps the bottles), let them paint/decorate and plant their own small plants to care for, give as gift for small kids get together to take home.
several glasses filled with plants and dirt on a table next to a window sill
Self-Watering Planters For Starting Seeds - Shelterness
Hundreds, if not thousands of gardening diy ideas-just click on the link, click on the project you like, then the link at the bottom of the picture
colorful flower pots hanging on the side of a wall
18 Extravagant Handmade Garden Decorations You Should Try This Spring
18 Extravagant Handmade Garden Decorations You Should Try This Spring
four different colored pots with succulents in them and one has a house shaped planter
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detournement objet 11
yellow hanging pots with plants in them
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