Damien Johansen

Damien Johansen

Damien Johansen
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Easy three ingredient body butter. I'll never buy lotion again!

DIY ~ How to make luxurious body butter with just three ingredients. Ingredients 1 cup organic coconut oil 1 cup organic cocoa butter essential oil of you choice melt, refrigerate, whip, store

Desert Cardinal or ~ Pyrrhuloxia

Cardinal - by bee. Note: this must be some sort of exotic cardinal. Male cardinals that I know of are red and the females are brownish.

beth hoeckel

Beth Hoeckel collages - Magritte art history study - creating surrealist postcards of places traveled .head in the clouds.

Sea Turtle in the Cayman Islands

wildlifepower: “ S-S-S-SEA TURTLES TIME! Sea turtles (superfamily Chelonioidea), sometimes called marine are reptiles of the order Testudines. There are seven species of sea turtles.