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fabio gigone
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An Examination of Influences prototype tested by Adam & Robin

Annakapelle Schladming by Hammerschmid, Pachl, Seebacher  Architekten

The wall on the left is lined with the bones and skulls found in the tomb excavation! Annakapelle Schladming by Hammerschmid, Pachl, Seebacher Architekten


Experiments in Motion “ WAVE GARDEN by YUSUKE OBUCHI The Wave Garden is an electric power plant that derives energy from the movement of ocean waves. Its piezo-electro membrane is a flexible electric.


caption align=alignnone caption=Rock of Ages Active Section, Wells-Lamson Quarry, caption align=alignnone capt

Betillon / Dorval Bory

Betillon / Dorval Bory

betillon / dorval-bory: 8 houses in chiba

concealed within an elevated roof structure, the living areas of eight dwellings are placed within the attic spaces of the gabled frameworks.

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Wadi As-Sirhan Basin

“A particularly stark example of the pixelated patterns produced by pivot irrigation, in northern Saudi Arabia”, via Categorization Is For The Weak