im seeing like a really cute little zombie walking up to someone with a copy of the Friends show and doing a little quizzical head like Friends??

she even had a good human friend. "I like my friends alive--but thanks for asking," she spat.

Military backpack zombie biohazard leather zombi от FamilySkiners

Military backpack zombie biohazard , leather zombi, walking dead Post-Apocalyptic bag skull , Big backpack Mad Max zombi mask, Steampunk bag by FamilySkiners to Etsy

With Halloween around the corner I figured we could start the scares early with nice big dose of Zombies! The idea of the Zombie has been around since ancient times and still persists to this day, though once considered a very real fear, now they provide us entertainment in the forms of video games, comics and movies.

BRAINS! 30 Zombie-rific Paintings

Poster design for the 2010 Richmond Zombie Walk! [link] For those who don't know, in many cities around All Hallows Eve the dead awaken to feed upon the.

"Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch, saying stuff like, 'You only live once!' "

How Well Do You Know Twenty One Pilot's Lyrics?

tyler "shoots" josh as he backflips off the piano. twenty one pilots gif << i was listening to polarize while i watched this and idk why but it really just smacked me across the face

26 Sorority FALL FUN Ideas!  • Zombie walk on campus • Pumpkin patch visit • Corn maze visit • Pumpkin carving competition • Pumpkin decorating date party • Apple picking • Halloween crafting • Costume making • Hayride • Haunted house • Fall...

Here are a few super cute photo ideas to capture all the fun memories with your friends during this season!