Jesus Knows my Name Bible Craft for Zacchaeus Bible Lesson for Children's Ministry

Fold a piece of card stock in half. Write "Jesus Knows My Name" on a folded edge of the paper. Have your children use letter stickers or markers to spell out their name and then decorate the name plates with other stickers.

Our Zaccheus craft

Have children trace hands on the paper. Give every child a brown crayon to color the hand. Glue pieces of green paper to the "tree." Bible verse is at the top of the page. Take home craft.

Zacheüs, flanelplaten voor kleuters, , Zacchaeus, Flannel Bible Sheets, free printable 1

Zacchaeus, Flannel Bible Sheets, free printable 1 --- I used these in my classroom by printing, laminating and placing magnets on the back to retell the Bible Story video yet for 2-3s                                                                                                                                                      More

Zacchaeus was a greedy tax collector who cheated his brothers many times, until he met Jesus, who turned Zacchaeus' life around. Zacchaeus was transformed in.