Ygg & Lyng - Lyng modulsofa | Verket InteriørVerket Interiør

Ygg & Lyng - Lyng modulsofa | Verket InteriørVerket Interiør

Lyng modulsofa

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Interior, design letters, Bolia, Kahler, grey, white

emphasis on magnifying natural light, white interiors with blue or blue gray or black

House’s corners

perfectly styled, scandinavian interior, pella hedeby, stil inspiration via…


Living area - monumentality of the room but with deeply comfortable and inviting furniture, also the drapery is sleek and modern (MINOTTI ADV 2012 2013 - Federico Cedrone - Photographer)

Love this! Plus, like the warning on the order site: "Warning: Hole may not be active. Enter wall decal at your own risk."

Hole to Another Universe

this would be funny on Bradley's bedroom door! another universe.a black hole - take your pick ;

kalfaret03.jpg (680×382)

- Oppussingen er gjort med respekt for huset og stilen