I SO want a cutie like this one! Awh!

Dachshund - Friendly and Curious

Pile of cuteness. Look at all of those perfect dachshund babies!

7 Lessons Dogs Can Teach Us about Happiness ...

Dachshund Pajamas, if they had them in bigger sizes, I would love some. They only go up to XL :( if anybody finds bigger, let me know.

Web page featuring dachshund sleepwear like these dachshund print pajamas . Doxieholic has a huge selection of dachshund pajamas and other dachshund sleepwear.

Amazing dachshund bed!!! I think Phil & Hunju should get on of these for mini-me . It's perfect!

Dachshund in a Hot Dog Bed. If you have a dachshund and you didn't get this bed for it, you are owning your dog wrong.

Looks like our old wiener dog tobey

Looks like our old wiener dog tobey

Sleeps with wiener dogs . . . the people should actually be clinging onto the seam of the bed.  Little dogs take up BIG space.

How Do You Sleep at Night?

Sleeps with wiener dogs dogs sleep like this pretty much EVERY night!

Shaded cream lightening up.

Blonde+Dachshund+Puppies English Creams: Most are born dark, almost black and lighten as they .