Gorgeous old television

Beautiful old TV- we enjoyed a few sit-coms for wholesome family entertainment. A few well appointed choices are better than more choices that you have time to watch.

1958 Television set

Homemade Australian Black and White TV 1957 - ACMI Collection. This TV was built by Mr F. Straford in The electronic components were purchased as a kit of parts for approximately


Black and White TV- You used to actually have to get up and change the channels or adjust the antenna. Bunny ears and round antenna for the UHF and VHF channels

This baby connected to Roku is all you would need!

A vintage television with a turquoise screen against an orange wall. ck this has similarities to the TV that I had in my bedroom.

A Vintage tv set from 1949

Buy Vintage tv set by njnightsky on PhotoDune. A Vintage tv set from 1949

Black and white tvs were a piece of furniture

This TV had pride of place in the Mount Eliza lounge room of aviation and television pioneer Sir Reg…

A little vintage TV love...

Black & white TVs came in cabinets (if you could afford it), and often included a record player and radio, too. Note the Rabbit Ears antenna

i want a 42" flat screen modeled after this retro tv.

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Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled & Repurposed Vintage Console TV's

fish TV - if ever we get an aquarium again.this would be awesome to do in an old tv set.

Philco Predicta Television

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1950 Zenith TV - Actually works !! | Collectors Weekly

1950 Zenith TV - the first generation to grow up in front of a TV.

Sparton “Nomad” Television (Model 17J1K), circa 1960

Sparton “Nomad” Television (Model circa 1960 I would go for one of these today in view of all of the Drama with Time Warner Cable!