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Viking Ship Craftivity Template

Creative Learning | Paint or color, cut, and assemble a simple Viking Ship craft with this template.

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Between the eighth and 11th centuries, the Vikings left modern day Norway, Denmark and Sweden on bloody voyages of conquest to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Southern Europe and even North America. Many have long believed that the fearsome Norsemen left their women and children at home in Scandinavia when they took off to settle new lands, but a new study tells a different tale. By tracing the genetic stamp

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Славянский мир Игоря Ожиганова

Vikings were superior in height and strength generally. They especially wanted the gold found in monasteries but also took many slaves and lives as they conquered ...

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Runes-letters modified from Phoenician alphabet. Runic was often written without spaces between words & where 2 of the same letter sat beside each other only one would be used. It was written both from left to right & right to left. It was mainly used to label items with the owner's name & was considered magical as most people were illiterate & did not understand the concept of symbols representing sounds. This also led to their use in fortune telling.

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Leather Viking shoes inspired by Hedeby excavations."Hedeby was an important Viking settlement in Denmark with the biggest importance from the 8th to 11th. It is situated on southern end of the Jutland Peninsula."

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viking wood carvings - Google Search

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viking shoes More

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Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

The great sea expeditions of the Viking Age - The basis of the great sea expeditions undertaken by the Vikings was ship technology. The Viking ship was a piece of high technology based upon hundreds of years of development and experience. It was distinguished by its narrow keel and shallow draught. This made even the largest ocean-going warships suitable for sailing onto beaches and up rivers. Such tactics enabled, for example, the siege of Paris to be carried out in the year 885.

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