Victorious was one of the BEST shows ever!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo sad that they're already making their last season! :( :( :( :( :( :(

Pictures & Photos from Victorious (TV Series )

I need a friends who's like Beck

Long live victorious I miss it😭😭😭😍

Why shouldn't we be sad?

Why shouldn't we be sad

Me when I try to comfort people xD

i wasn't a huge fan of this show..but I did love Cat!

Huge fan and I adore cat!

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I always loved Jade and Becks relationship << look up the song "Shes killing me" by a rocket to the moon. This relationship exactly

Lol. Andres grandma was hilarious.

Grandma is high as f**k

Andre ' s Grandma

victorious funny - Google Search

victorious funny - I want tacos

i absolutly love her i the only one that thinks shes flawless??

cat valentine from victorious

haha #angelinajolie

Robbie,Tori & I don't know her name.I'm kind of wondering if Angelina Jolie saw this and complained about it or something because don't shows have to have permission for saying things like this or no?

14 Pics That Will Make You Miss Beck and Jade's 'Victorious' Relationship

Liz Gillies Opens Up About Breaking Away From Her 'Victorious' Character

14 Pics That Will Make You Miss Beck and Jade's 'Victorious' Relationship

Cat wants to practice her acting before Sikowitz arrives.

Cat spoiled the ending of the movie Titanic for all of us who have not seen it

Victorious is too funny some times.

Cat says some random things - Victorious

This how I'm going to reply next time.

Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

We show you the funniest burns from Victorious' Jade West in this funny Smosh gallery!

jade west bitch victorious burn

jade west h victorious burn

No, but I do that too  I do that with the tables at our school we always have an opening where you could put a camera if we were on a tv show

Tv shows

Because the the camera cant see your face duh

Embedded image I hated that she was so mean to him, but he loved her for real

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Beck(Avan Jogia) & Jade(Elizabeth Gillies) on Victorious