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He squanders so much of his talent on overt graphic carnality. Anyone who could render the beauty of Woman as he does here is meant art of a higher order.

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Angel Death Poster Print by Victoria Frances Fantasy Art Magical Modern Dark Fairy Women

Spanish artist Victoria Frances

Fantasy Art posters - Victoria Frances posters: Victoria Frances Couldron fantasy art poster featuring a girl standing by a couldron. the girl in this Victoria Frances poster has long hair & is wearing a black robe.

Victoria Frances definitely artwork i like, similar to Luis royo, and boris vallejo. Dark fantasy

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Victoria Frances- Poster, Parasol Girl Fantasy Art

Victoria Frances - "Hojarasca", in "Favole 1: Lagrimas de Piedra". one of my favourite works by V.F.

Victoria Frances - "Hojarasca", in "Favole Lagrimas de Piedra". one of my favourite works by V.

Assorted Illustrations - Victoria Francés

lunaeaeternus: “ BLOWING LEAVES Listen to the witches’ call, The ancient sabbath is coming… ¡Blessed Samhain! by: Victoria Frances ”