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Perhaps Mirrix should become a school? They offer so much education the support system is amazing and we benefit sooo much:
piecera elaborada en telar de peine piecera 100% lana de oveja telar de peine
DIY WEAVING tutoriel for beginners stepper and technical weaving kit and accessories available on
#16 Punto espiga en bastidor triangular 16 – Sostener esas 2 hebras hacia arriba y luego seguir la secuencia del punto: 2 hacia abajo y 2 hacia arriba, comenzando siempre desde arriba hacia abajo. Tejer la hebra hasta esa posición, dejarla en suspenso y continuar tejiendo hasta completar la pasada.
twining - Like grandma's rugs. I want to try this one day. Wish I had her loom.
One of our favorite ways to finish hand woven fabric is with a hemstitch. It's simple, secure and very beautiful! Here's how to do it...
This entire blog is GREAT! So helpful for beginning weavers like me. How To Double Warp a Loom | The Weaving Loom:

Weaving Techniques

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How To Weave a Spiral

Weaving Techniques