United Airlines | 24 Beautiful Vintage San Francisco Travel Posters  I've never been to San Francisco, but I like these travel posters.

24 Beautiful Vintage San Francisco Travel Posters

United Airlines Vintage Travel Poster (San Francisco, by famous CA artist Stan Galli -- commissioned Stan Galli to create our wine label of the rancher surveying his field.

United Airlines, Boeing 747 - I was 18 when I went on a big plane to Florida. 1st flight ever!

United Airlines Boeing aircraft picture Danmark Denmark List of All The Countries TOSHIBA International advertising Joy Richard Preuss TV Joy Richard Preuss Kig ind

3 different paint jobs for United Airlines//yess flew for united,,sorta sad,,bye..bye continental..

Computer Security Expert Claims to Have Taken Over Plane's Systems A of the engines, court documents reveal computer security expert told the FBI that he hacked into an airplane's computer and briefly took over control.

Three United Airlines stewardesses -- Barbara Marion, Patricia Howard and Marie Zralek -- check out the specifications for their profession.

1948 flight attendants reading their own job descriptions.(This criteria lasted for decades.years ago I didn't meet them at 20 yrs.