Capital Magazine

I like the fifth + the use of placement of words depending on denotative meaning of word // Capital Magazine …

about RGB by Kostenko Egor

Not useful for much except to illustrate the RGB acronym in a visual context.

Imagen de

LePage- type based design- unknown- The poster is completely made of type but the artist uses letters in the font they have chosen in order to create design elements

A beautifully simple tool to create moodboards. Niice

Typography - Good use of text for visual - Creative Harpers Bazaar Nederland. Art Direction by Tara van Munster.

The variation in sizes really encompasses the composition really well. The white space is used well because it is balanced by the black. (Palatino design by Heramann Zapf) Perfectly captures the spirit of Palatino I think.

ASTRAEA on Editorial Design Served

I really love how this simple layout manages to generate an interesting interplay between images and type, making the narrative of the story more compelling and solid.

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Erica Kitamura Book Design: Experimental Typography - to combine with real information in regular blocks

Typographic Catalogof periodic publicationsWHAT—NOT © 2013

WHAT—NOT on Editorial Design Served // like the playful element of the magazine + font optie (cover)