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"Sleep doesn't help if it's your soul that is tired.." - Anime: Charlotte (2015) - Edited by Karunase - Tumblr :

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A veces me pongo paranoic@ y pienso que todo el mundo me odia. Y estaba en lo cierto, ellos me odiaban.

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Be Careful WHO You Trust Because Even The Devil was Once an Angel.

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Tough times, huh? You ready for the bullshit life's gonna throw at u (¬_¬)ノ

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Anime Quotes Plus

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Traduction FR : Je préfère me laisser auto-détruire, que de laisser les autres savoir ce qui m'arrive.

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"I tell myself that I don't need anyone, but the truth is no one needs me.." || Anime : Anohana || Edit by Karunase || Tumblr:

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Anime Quotes More

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Time doesn't heal anything | Quotes | Ken Kaneki | Tokyo Ghoul ▪

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Re:Zero Karra: Just finished episode 24 of this anime. Its really good so far and I really recommend you to watch it!

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