• Finally I managed to start the first page of my weekly inserts for 2017! I still have a lot to catch up & to be honest: I think I probably won't document each day per week. That's nothing I enjoy. So I might use it as kind of a mood diary. Not sure yet.  Can't wait for this week to be over! •

Gorgeous midori travelers notebook pages - ideas and inspiration for keeping a travel journal, sketchbook, scrapbook, or art journal

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How to Add Multiple Inserts to Your Travelers Notebook. For more planner related posts including free printables check out www.plannersquad.com

One of the most common questions we get is from new planner girls asking how to add multiple inserts to a traveler's notebook. This post will teach you how!

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Midori Notebooks

DIY Tutorial for My Favorite Traveler's Notebook 2-Pocket Folder - YouTube

DIY Laminated Pocket Folder for Pocket Size Midori/Fauxdori Style Traveler's Notebook

A Pair & A Spare | Ideas for Your Travel Journal

Creative ideas to use as prompts when writing in your travel journal. Guide to Travel Journal.

My Life All in One Place: Make your own Midori Traveler's Notebook kraft file

Midori offer this accessory for the Traveler's Notebook: This sits behind your main notebook (or notebooks) and holds loose items.