I wanted one so bad . And told my kids one year as we were school shopping. Why don't you just get a trapper keeper and keep all your stuff together organized . They looked at me like I was an alien. Lol

Did You Actually Grow Up In The ’80s?

you had to cover your trapper keeper with lisa frank stickers.I had this exact trapper keeper. and tons and tons of stickers.

Trapper Keeper: The Ultimate 80s School Supply - Rediscover the 80s

By Kelli "Slide Rule" Collins So now that school’s started and most of the little beasties are clear of Walmart or Staples or wherever and.

I love horses, so this definitely was my Trapper Keeper. Every year. :)

Horse Trapper Keeper, had this one and was in LOVE with horses!

School binders - Trapper Keepers. I had a panda bear one.

I miss my Trapper Keeper. Getting pumped about the new school year because it meant a new Trapper Keeper.

Super Shades notebooks.  Nothing like the pink and purple colored paper.  Wish they still made these.

I had these notebooks with colored pink, purple, and blue paper. I had tons of these all of the time! They would have different colored paper vs the normal white pads.

Trapper Keepers | 17 Retro School Supplies We Wish Were On Our Shopping Lists

17 Retro School Supplies We Wish Were On Our Shopping Lists

Totally rocked this Trapper Keeper

Totally rocked this Trapper Keeper

Wildlife Treasury Cards

Wildlife Treasury Cards - I wanted these so badly when I was a kid! "The duck-billed platypus has feet like a duck but it's furry! They're all in my Wildlife Treasury!

stay rad

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we were so painfully 80s scissorshappy

wanted a clear phone SO bad! but my mom wouldn't let me have a phone line in my room :(

Puffy sleeves and all.

Rainbow heart sweaters (photo from ConservationClothing) GASP! I had this exact sweater!