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celica My dad let me have a standard version of this car. Great car wouldnt mind one now.

1970 Toyota Celica / TA22 / Japan / red

Questions about driving experience requirements There is a big difference between a 2017 Toyota and a 1969 Boss Mustang or a 1934 Ford.

A full size color 1974 advertisement for the Toyota Celica GT. Featured in yellow, an up close photo of car's front and interior. Detailing 5 speed gear box and

I used to have one of these but not even close to this cool.  Bought it for $200 and only needed a battery and some carb cleaner.

Toyota Celica, Liftback, MkI, Phase I, 1973 to also known as the Celica Mustang due to its resemblance to the mighty American Ford Mustang