Festive Tom Daley.  Mmmmmm. This guy is possibly the sexiest guy I've ever laid my pretty little brown eyes on. Uh.

AS GAY AS CHRISTMAS - Under the mistletoe sexy hot guys tree shirtless model holidays christmas. Please can I have the kiss?

tom daley...his...well, everything! I was going to say his eyes, but then I saw everything else lol

So Tom Daley, the British diver, didn't quite get an Olympic medal last night, but he sure did look sexy as shiiiiii doin his thing ;

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May 21 — Tom Daley

Tom Daley God bless Great Britain.  https://www.youtube.com/user/tvtomdaley

Tom Daley- Marry me. No clue who he is but I searched exploding whale and here he is.

Tom Daley wearing a #VersaceSS17 mohair-blend polo knit top featured on Attitude Magazine. Photographed by Mark Cant Styled by Joseph Kocharian www.versace.com

😘 ・・・ wearing a mohair-blend polo knit top featured on Photographed by Styled by

Tom Daley my love

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