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The Brady Bunch- a favorite from my childhood and still love it. The kids and I watch it all the time.

"The Brady Bunch" -- I wasn't born yet when this show was originally aired. I got to watch it when they showed reruns on a cable channel. I loved this show so much! :))

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"Here's a story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. What's NOT to love about The Brady Bunch? Growing up it was must-watch-telly for Gen X Aussie kids.

Brady girls tell parents the boys not back from Tikki Caves

The Brady Bunch Girls

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Ann B. Davis as "Alice" in "The Brady Bunch". The Brady Bunch original run (1969-1974) but kids still watch it in syndication.

Davis as "Alice" in "The Brady Bunch" -- Rest In Peace Ann, you will forever be loved and remember as so much more than just Alice.

Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch

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The Brady Bunch when i was a greeter at a local resturant we had to tell them the dinner specials.. Id say this when it was pork chops but not apple sauce.. Haha it was the best when customers flipped out for not getting their apple sauce..i liked the people that understood!

The Brady Bunch when i was a greeter at a local resturant we had to tell them…

How many times do I need to kiss him for him to become a prince?// (via zorarose)

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Brady Bunch: teaching you not to kiss too many frog's until your sure theyre your prince!

The Brady Bunch - Peter, Greg and Bobby during a Season 2 episode.

The Brady Bunch - Peter, Greg and Bobby in number shirts during a Season 2 episode