14 Pink Kids' Room Ideas - Petit & Small

14 Pink Kids' Room Ideas

Make Your Own Table Playhouse

Make Your Own Table Playhouse

Really cute idea (playhouse slipcover to put over a small table to make a fort). I your mom could make one of these lickety split. Voila - your dining room table is is a play house!

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english fete wedding tent aka Cath Kidston I don't mind doing a outdoor tea party thing

The Holiday Mill House girls bedroom tent from the movie, "The Holiday".

Jude Law's Mill House in "The Holiday"

gotta make a play tent like in the movie "The Holiday".hated the movie, loved this tent.and Jack Black scooby ya doo-ing was pretty good.

camping: extreme hippie edition

I love camping. Mainly because I love time spent in a cozy tent! Camping isn't reserved solely for the outdoors, either. A fort in your li.