We must show that we have not forgotten those in Syria. #WithSyria http://chn.ge/1dpvr0l

The Observer's 20 photographs of the week

For the last month, photographer Narciso Contreras has been showing the destruction in Aleppo, Syria. Here, people walk past damaged homes during heavy fighting between Free Syrian Army fighters and government forces

Syria's heritage in ruins : before-and-after pictures / Martin Chulov + The Guardian | #syria

Syria's heritage in ruins: before-and-after pictures

The Old Souk, Aleppo. Above in 2007 and below in Photographs: Corbis, Stanley Greene/Noor/Eyevine

Baklava in Damascus, Syria; the tray size gives you a whiff of what Muslim generosity, hospitality and family size is like lol

Baklava in Damascus, Syria. Baklava is a delicious sweet pastry made with layers of filo filled with chopped nuts, syrup and honey.

Niclas Hammarstrom photographed his series from October 2012 to January 2013 in Aleppo (Syria)

UNICEF Photo of the Year 2013 Features Syrian Girl

Picture of the year 2014 (Sweden) was taken by Niclas Hammarstrom photojournalism Niclas Hammarstrom, the photographer who last year sat 43 days kidnapped in Syria, has taken the Year Picture 2014 - a picture from Aleppo in Syria.

Old covered bazar (Souq el Madinah) #Aleppo-Syria

Old covered bazar (Souq el Madinah) Aleppo, Syria

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"Its a rich man's war." he murmured, taking a swig from his flask and staring out at something I could never hope to see, "But it's the poor man's blood that's spilt.

This is why the Syrian refugees cannot simply "go back to where they came from."

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is a Result of the USA's Foreign Policy. The devastation seen in this image was caused by America under W. Conservatives are screaming because Obama says he'll take in refugees. Meanwhile, Germany will take refugees.

Damascus, Syria. Here is where I will wander ancient streets and think about all the history around me. But I will make friends there among the ladies, and together we will marvel at the architecture and giggle about things beneath our veils and go shopping in the market and barter with the sellers.

Yialos, Symi island, Greece because its just so beautiful and my cousin went once :)