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Music Symbol Match | Valentine's Hearts

Love this simple review of music symbols - perfect for Valentine's Day!

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Some have the idea that to practice magic, you have to be particularly talented, or have spent decades honing the craft. In truth, magic is a lot like water. We all have it, but we must spend time purifying it. That said, sigils are an easy way for magic to be practiced, even for the most mundane of us.

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A Graphic Guide to Cemetery Symbolism

We love this helpful graphic to understand what tombstone symbols represent. Credit:

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"When my wife and I got married, we mixed both of our last names together to form a new name. Rather than her changing her name, we both changed them! It symbolizes the unity of our two families"

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Word Art: A Creative Lesson on Characterization & Symbolism

Creating word art is a unique way for students to closely analyze a character and select a symbol representative of the character's traits. You'll be surprised with the creativity of your students and even "non-artistic" students will enjoy this activity on characterization and symbolism.

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Breathing Sei Hei Ki To Clear Your Energy

Breathing Sei Hei Ki to Clear Your Energy. Today’s technique is breathing Sei Hei Ki to clear your energy. Why do you want to clear your energy? So that you’re functioning at your highest potential. So that whatever is bothering you is sent out of your system. So that you can get on with your day. This is best to use at the start of the day and/or when you get in a bad mood and/or just feel like you need it. Use it as often as you need. Sei Hei Ki SHK Reiki Symbol

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Michelle Obama Returned to a Favorite Designer for the President’s Farewell Speech

It was an emotional farewell speech, and Michelle Obama marked the occasion in one of her favorite designers, Jason Wu. (Photo: Getty)

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Cho Ku Rei: Reiki Power Symbol

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Dragonfly symbolism

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My creation Virgo constellation, mountain, earth element symbol, Mercury symbol, tattoo. More

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