Sy skjørt av skjorte

Old T-shirt Crafts--Tshirt skirt
Recycle a t-shirt into a skirt! Can't wait to try this
I must try this with my youth group...DIY Anthropologie Scarf. Awesome idea for those old shirts, but I'll do my colors different... Or use the colored shirts
As a college student, I love style for a DIY infinity dress for under $20 sounds awesome to me!
tshirt reconstruct
Diy halter t shirt- cute, but i would never wear this in public. maybe at the pool?
This list has really cute, NEW DIY ideas. That t-shirt spaghetti scarf is def on my to-do list
Monique Dress Sewing Pattern
DIY Tutorial Lace Shoulders : spice up that simple t-shirt into something more feminine
D.I.Y shirt design with merely a bleach pin.
Turn a man's shirt into a skirt with no sewing
Yoga pants from oversized tshirt
One of the best ways to show off your many old T-shirts is by turning them into a super soft T-shirt quilt. Many people even choose to make "theme" quilts, using all their old vacation shirts, sorority wear or child's sports jerseys.
10 Easy + Cute Skirt Tutorials .. seriously how cute are these? And most of them are really simple to make!
fashion / try this with some oversized t-shirts!
DIY T-shirt into Peplum Top