Supernatural quote - they stole it from me...  But, they are cuter so...  Sigh...

We know a little about a lot of things, jut enough to make is dangerous - Dean

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Zodiac signs as Heartbreaking Supernatural quotes

10x17 Inside Man quote --- one of the best episodes yet

Inside Man quote ---supernatural, my favorite family quote.

The character that was only in like 4 episodes has the best quotes. We need more…

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Supernatural inspiring the world with deep intellectual quotes over serene black-and-white photos

Inspirational quotes laughing my butt off

Jae when Charlie gets injured during training. Jae's not always the gentlest person, but she means well.

Supernatural ~ Dean Winchester - You don't stop being a soldier because you got wounded in battle.


Supernatural Quote Saving People Hunting Things The Family Business

Dean Winchester. || Supernatural. || Quote.

Choice to fight quote

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Discover and share Sad Castiel Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

Supernatural ~ Dean: "Demons, I get. People are crazy." Those words need to be put on a shirt

Season One - The Benders "Demons, I get. People are crazy" I've used this in a conversation with someone. Of course it was with a fellow SPN fan but still lol :D loved this episode so much

I love these quotes, reminds me of my life. I fight for the good and I try to do what God has planned for my life.

I love these quotes, reminds me of my life. I fight for the good and I try to do what God has planned for my life. << Tip o' the hat to ya dude, that's awesome

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I hear them all in Dean and Sam's voices. And I can also tell u what episode each quote is from. ya im kind of a nerd lol

And that's totally the truth, @Brenna Farquharson Farquharson Farquharson Baker

Supernatural Quote: See that attitude right there that is why I always got the extra cookie.

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them and Boston kicked butt, this song is killer. Go anywhere where they play songs and see what you missed. OH, there not boy band just so's ya know. (Whats Your Favorite Quote)

Hey so I'm in this rp and was wondering if anyone wants to be Sam, Cas, or dean. I'll tag you in it if you want to join

My favorite quotes from Dean, Sam & Castiel

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I am a woman and therefore capable of doing both bite me botches