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How to Use Plastic Bottles to Make Concrete Pendant Lamps

"I love PINK! And I love pink ice cream. But I don't really like pink ice cream. I just like pink ice cream to pin.

Live life on the beach~ Over in our Cupshe Blooming Above Lace Halter Bikini Set and hit the fantastic summer all the time!

Blooming Above Lace Halter Bikini Set

Sexy High Neck Hollow Out Crochet Lace Mesh Set Padded Crop Top Bikinis For Women

Celebrate summer with Costes en maak jouw eigen travel bord in Costes sfeer. Ter inspiratie kan je deze beelden gebruiken en jouw favoriete items vanaf pinnen. Geef jouw bord de naam #COSTESTRAVEL. Het meest inspirerende bord wint €100 shoptegoed en een travel pakket van Brainy Days! De actie loopt tot 1 juli. Let’s pin and be creative!

What's Your Dream Job?

Who doesn't go to the beach at least once during the summer? Hanging at the beach is what summer is all about. I went to Galveston beach, Virginia beach, and a few other ones.

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean - Arthur C. Clarke

I miss summer! right now i want to in the middle of the ocean on a boat. sadly, i can't do an amazing flip like this girl but i'll settle for just jumping!

woah! mermaid vibes <3 (scheduled via

Glow Ball Pool Float

tente nomade d'été #summer

Romantic Glamping

Summer Time, tent on the beach bohemian. I wonder if our glamping tent could be repurposed?

Vous disposez d’un gros arbre dans votre jardin et vous aimez vous y reposer ? Et pourquoi ne pas y construire un banc tout autour ?! Si vous êtes bricoleurs, vous pouvez suivre la construction étape par étape (en anglais) ici.

Comment fabriquer un banc autour d'un arbre

If you have a medium or big tree in your yard, have you thought about how to best use it? How about build your own custom tree bench around it?

•Summer Time Vibes Turned On•

How Fast Summer Passes, We’re Back to Our Classes!



Wood deck / terrace at the beautiful monochrome Norwegian home of Elisabeth Heier in summer time.

Frozen Watermelon Kabobs.  Cold, refreshing ice pop treat for kids in the summer time.  Made with fresh fruit, no sugar added, all natural ingreadients, and inexpensive!

Frozen Watermelon Kabobs

Frozen Watermelon Kabobs Cold, refreshing ice pop treat for kids in the summer time. Made with fresh fruit, no sugar added, all natural ingredients!

I'm already looking forward to the fair

Summer isn't JUST about beaches, cool drinks, the sun and the sand. It's also spending time on a summer fair. My boyfriend hasn't been on the ferris wheel before so I'm gunna take him on one this summer ♥