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I don’t know why this pic of a Real Life Punk!Spock exists, but I am sure glad it does. |

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100,000,000% accurate summation of that scene.<@kidflash0799 OMG

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Amanda & Sarek & Spock

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12 thought-provoking Spock quotes to live your life by

12 inspirational Spock quotes to live your life by--According to this I am definitely human (LOL).

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repinning for "live long and get some." I'm crying.

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Aww! Spock will always be adorable, even Spock Prime is adorable and he's an OLD MAN. Teen-Spock's hoodie is pretty cool too.

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I have to say that sassy ! Spock was just too brilliant for words. Star Trek : Into The Darkness

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It's that special time of month in every young women's life- oh wait...

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Spock ::: pinning here, cause if only for a moment you know it's deserving

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27 Times "Descriptive Noise" Subtitles Were Pure Poetry

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