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Remember the greater purpose, but don't forget the importance of being present. Your privilege gives you a reason to change someone else's life here.

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With awareness......

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Thank you, dear soul friends.

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I Am willing to get up every morning for the rest of my life and practice being in ALIGMENT. #Abraham-Hicks

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Abraham Hicks - Law of attraction

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I have always done this and always will..✨

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Shutting up and listening to Her is the challenge. What is truly coming from my Soul and what is just me? I always go to what I feel. Feelings guide us [not emotions, they are just the response not the feeling itself] and show us what is real. It requires a lot of shutting up and it also requires awareness but it is more than worth the effort to discern between the two. Wonderful stuff.

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But where are they? How do i find them? I want to meet them and know that I really do belong somewhere.

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...your own consciousness....

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