10. You never leave the house without looking perfectly put-together.

15 Signs You're The Spencer Hastings Of Your Friends

One of Spencer's stress free moments. I chose this image of Spencer because she usually is the more stern and professional out of the liars. She doesn't really show emotion or have a sense of humor. She is always tense and I found this image rather interesting since this is one of her happy, care free moments. I love this side of Spencer and I wish we saw more of it! -Season 3

10 Ways To Tell If You're The Spencer Hastings Of Your Friends

It's a very wonderful yet difficult thing to be given a lot of really good opportunities and the world is at your fingertips. -Troian Bellisario

a true rising star: troian bellisario.she shines on abc family's "pretty little liars"

Troian Bellisario #PrettyLittleLiars 6x11 stills

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Giving into a bully never works. Even if you give them everything that they ask for, it will never be enough. Your only choice is to stand up to them, even if it costs you something. - Spencer Hastings

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Spencer Hastings wearing  Nicholas  Pinstripe Culotte Pants, Bloomingdale's C Short Sleeve Cashmere Sweater

Pinstripe Smart Culottes