Youth Safety Tip: In case of fire exit building BEFORE tweeting about it. #Rockford'sInsuranceCoach

Intelligence of Tweeters [Picture]

In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) fcseh In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :)

Moderately Confused  (May/28/2015)

This is a funny depiction of user created themes and trends that happen within social media Moderately Confused

Some social media humor...

"When you speak, this is what I think," said Grandma. Photo: A cartoon phone and tube are pictured. The phone says, "I phone, you tube.

Seriously, how many times do you need to beg social media for a desperate complement about "oh how beautiful you are." It's sad. Love yourself, not your selflie likes.

They call it a "selfie" because "narcissistie" is too hard to spell. Says, " I'm not full of myself" posts a selfie or 10 daily

There is a particular business that this is so, so relevant for - they think social media is stupid. This is just funny. No social media for small business = fail

Seriously this drives me f**king BONKERS when people tell me how to do my job. Seriously takes everything in me to not give them a high five in the face with chair!

SOCIAL MEDIA - "A New Breed of Socialmedia Personalities"... ;-)

The Ranters, The Virgins, The Lurkers: 12 Social Media Personalities

12 TYPES OF SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONALITIES - Everyone reading this has a relationship with social media—whether it’s healthy, obsessive, or estranged. These relationships inform a particular social media personality.

Day in the life of a social media marketer! Brought to you by - promotional products for your business.

The most awesome images on the Internet

We depend on different sources of media to gratify various needs in our lives. The users needs will determine which media they utilize and how much they depend on it.

20 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology

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Evolution of female profile pictures on social media

Evolution of female profile pictures on social media