Moller Barnekow. The most elegant sandwich wrap. (More design inspiration at

Moller Barnekow is a take on an elegant sandwich wrap. It aims to catch customers attention by making its packaging stands out with a simplistic modern art look yet retaining a more recognisable form of the sandwich within. #packaging #wine

Cardboard wine purse packaging / Package design / PD / Olio Flaminio by Giovanna Gigante / cardboard Does this mean we can dump the crazy flocked junk @ upscale markets and arrive w/a crazy "smart" gift?

Pacman Packaging by Craig Sutton... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Pacman Packaging (Student Project)

Smart packaging

We created WAKE UP! - a modern coffee shop in the underground subway that provides a generous, nutritious and flavourful breakfast that starts your day off in the best way possible.

puma - clever little bag

Awesome packaging is awesome! "Clever Little Bag"—Sustainable packaging for Puma shoes, designed by Yves Béhar.

Really clever packaging using print and product color. #packaging #design #color #words

O Lado Negro da Água

Blk Spring Water + Fulvic Acid turns the water black. Clever black and white design that gives diversity to the bottle.

The designer pushes the envelope in this 3D packaging design. {I think its pretty cute}

This package for coffee cup is a great as it has multi use where there are stands for milk. This solves the problem of carrying milk with the coffee

34 Insanely Cute Packaging Ideas You Need To See

34 Aggressively Cute Packaging Ideas You Need To See

These are clever

These are clever

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