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Happy Girl in Nature, Trovants Museum

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Mongolturteldue i Lofoten - SJELDEN: Denne karen ble nylig identifisert som en sjelden mongolturteldue, takket være Facebook. - Foto: Håvard Eggen / Lofoten Birding

The extremely rare and majestic Golden Tiger, less than 30 of these exist. What an absolutely stunning animal :)

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10 Rare Animals That May Be Extinct Soon

Okapi, Top 10 Rare Animals - Is it a giraffe? Is it a zebra? Is it a ziraffe? A gebra? It’s an Okapi! Ever heard of it? Apparently, the Okapi’s history reaches back to ancient Egypt, where carvings have since been found. In Europe and Africa, prior to the 20th century, there existed legends of an “African unicorn.” Today, that animal is thought to be the Okapi. Read more:

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Melanistic jaguar - Melanism is an overabundance of black pigment in animals and is actually the opposite of albinism and even more rare.

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rare brown panda - The giant panda is one of nature's cutest and most rare animals. But one subspecies of giant panda is especially rare (and cute). Qinling pandas are brown-and-tan-colored instead of the usual black-and-white. They are named for the only place on Earth where they can be found: the remote Qinling Mountains in western China. Really COOL!!!

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Unusual animals around the world

The King Cheetah has a recessive fur pattern mutation. First discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926, this very rare animal has been seen in the wild only 6 times. Gorgeous.

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