Kurv i sikksakk mønster (Troll) - oppskrift

Beach Party - Crochet DROPS blanket with zig-zag pattern in ”Cotton Light”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Strikket skjørt i sikksakk-mønster.

Strikket skjørt i sikksakk-mønster.

Pute i sikksakk mønster (Troll)

Ondine by DROPS Design "Soft Kid-Silk, zigzag pattern and wonderful color combinations!" Knitted DROPS scarf with zigzag pattern in ”Kid-Silk”.

Zig Zag Baby Blanket pattern by knitculture.com

StrikkeogHekleLise - Dette er en blogg om diverse håndarbeider, som bla hekling og strikking.

Candle Color - Knitted DROPS cover for glass vases with stripes and zigzag pattern in ”Fabel”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Pink Mountain - Knitted DROPS hat with pompom and zig-zag pattern in ”Andes”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

leuk van katjes!

Easy Crochet Mittens - Hmmm - this is an interesting technique and very easy.one commenter on the post said she made 10 pair in one weekend.I just made a pair. very easy and fun, nice & warm & comfy.