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1st Grade / Saxon Phonics Survival Guide


For First Grade Saxon Phonics UsersCheck out this FREE cut and paste activity your students can complete. If you enjoy this check out my bundle for Lists 1-10! you and your students enjoy!


If you use Saxon Phonics and Data Binders then this is the resource pack for you! This pack includes: - Labels for Take Home bags - Parent signature slips for all 16 decodable readers - Data Tracking Chart for the class - Data Tracking Chart for individual binders - Phonics Sight Word Cards - Data Tracking Chart for Phonics Sight Words $


Complete set of 1st Grade Saxon sight words in order of sight word introduction.

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Saxon Phonics and Spelling Grade 1 Lessons 1 - 5 PowerPoints (First Grade)

These Powerpoints were written to accompany my daily 1st grade Saxon Phonics Grade 1 lessons. I wanted to have the words and sentences quickly on the board so I could focus more on the instruction. This week includes the introductions of letters and sounds of t, long and short o, n, and p.Powerpoints will be added in weekly groupings.


FREE Phonics Cards are a great tool for helping kids recognize patterns in words for reading and spelling (homeschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade)

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Saxon Phonics Alphabet Posters {rainbow chevron}

Every primary classroom needs an alphabet display! These 26 printable posters are bright and cheerful and will serve both as a teaching tool and as resource to your students. Each poster includes the capital and lowercase letter as well as pictures to correspond to those used with the Saxon Phonics program.

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Saxon Phonics Alphabet Cards {First Grade Posters} {Many Background Designs}

These Saxon Phonics Alphabet Cards are a colorful and vibrant way to display the alphabet in your classroom. Each letter is consistent with the alphabet that comes with the Saxon Phonics program. This is a great way to update your classroom in a fun and easy way!*There are 4 colors included: -Yellow Polka Dots -Purple Chevron -Rainbow -Blank Background*Interested in the alphabet but don't see the background color/theme that matches your room?